Clarendon provides a wide variety of activities for our participants to enjoy.  Each activity grouping is purposeful and is intended to help provide an exciting and enriching experience.  


  • This day in history
  • Famous birthdays
  • Name the occupation
  • Scrapbooking
  • Daily activity skills 

 Cognitive exercises:

  • Reading club 
  • Table talk
  • You Be the Judge
  • Dear Abby
  • Word search puzzles
  • Game Room
  • Trivia competitions

 Physical exercise:

  • YMCA Partnership:  Each week a geriatric fitness trainer from the YMCA visits our center and conducts fun innovative and exciting exercises that incorporate elements of music, movement and reminiscing 
  • Daily exercise:  our CHHAs and rec therapists conduct daily range of motion, and stretching activities.

 Creative/ Therapeutic  Activities:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Scrapbooking
  • Cooking classes

 Talent Sharing:

  • Some of our members have some impressive talents!  Whenever possible, we provide the opportunities for those members to share their talents and skills from former occupations.  It  gives them a chance to shine and provides others an opportunity to connect with their friends and build self-esteem.

  Guest Presenters/ Speakers:

  •  Throughout the month, guest speakers/ presenters are invited to join us to discuss topical health issues such as:

  1. Making healthy food choices fun   
  2. Foot care and foot health
  3. Keeping healthy from the flu and colds
  4. Heart health
  5. Diabetes
  6. Combating depression

Intergenerational holiday events with the local children’s day care

Community Connections

  • Performances from the Livingston High School students
  • Volunteer visits from the local community groups
  • Intergenerational activities 
  • Pet therapy (weekly visits to resume in the fall)

Fun/ Entertainment:

  • Holiday parties
  • Monthly birthday celebrations

 Independent Choice:

  • Visits with the on-site cosmetologist each Wednesday
  • Listening Room
  • Library

 Sensory-based Activities:
 Utilizing the senses helps to stimulate and encourage memory  a way that will present opportunities for success.  Much of our focus is on sensory stimulation through:

  • Aroma-therapy activities
  • Tactile activities
  • Music-making and listening
  • Dance/ movement 
  • Hand-eye coordination




Activities at Clarendon